Jeep Liberty 2002 Fuse Box Diagram (2024)

1. Jeep Liberty / Cherokee (KJ; 2002-2007) fuses and relays

  • Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Jeep Liberty 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car ...

  • Fuse box diagram (location and assignment of electrical fuses and relays) for Jeep Liberty / Cherokee (KJ; 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007).

2. Jeep Liberty fuse box diagrams for all years - StartMyCar

  • Jeep Liberty fuse box and relays diagrams. Explore interactive fuse box and relay diagrams for the Jeep Liberty. Fuse boxes change across years, ...

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3. Diagram fuse panel for Jeep Liberty 2002? - Answers

  • 21 okt 2022 · The fuse box diagram for a 2002 Jeep Liberty can be viewed in the service manual. It shows the location of each fuse and the components its ...

  • 1-20amp-pwr outlet frt. 2-10amp-rear fog lights(export only) 3-15 amp-horn 4-10amp-hedlt low beam rt 5-10amp-hedlt low beam lft 6-20amp-bodycontrolmodule/pwr dr locks 7-spare 8-spare 9-10amp- rt pk lt /rt tail lt/trailer tow lt/cluster 10-spare 11-15 amp-flasher 12-15 amp-stop lts 13-10amp-bodycontrolmodule/cmtc/cluster 14-spare 15-10amp-pdc fuel pmp & auto shutdownrelays/skis 16-20amp-pwr outlet rear 17-15amp-rear wiper 18-20amp-radio choke relay 19-20amp-frt fog lts/trailer tow stop and turn lts 20-20amp-sunroof 21-spare 22-10amp-wiperswitch/frt and rear washer 23-10amp-lft park lt/lft tail lt 24-10amp-pdc blower motor relay 25-10amp-heatseatswitch/hvac controlhead/trailor tow battery charge 26-10amp-hedlt highbeam rt 27-10amp-hedlt highbeam lft 28-spare 29-15amp-heated seat module 30-10amp-heated mirrors/rearwindowdefrosterindicator 31-20amp-cigarlighter 32-10amp-radio/frtdoorlockswitches/bodycontrolmodule 33-10amp-skis/diagnostic connector 34-15amp-cluster/courtesy lts/radio/bodycontrolmodule/maplights/cmtc/underhood lt/vanity lts 35-spare 36-10amp-ignition run/start-orc/lft and rt siacm 37-10amp-ignition run only-orc 38-10amp-abs module/brake shift interlock solenoid 39-10amp-rear window defroster relay/flasher/backup lts

Diagram fuse panel for Jeep Liberty 2002? - Answers

4. 2004 Jeep Liberty fuse box diagram - StartMyCar

  • 2004 Jeep Liberty fuse box diagram. This Liberty has 3 different fuse boxes: 2004 Jeep Liberty fuse box diagram Interior Fuses. Interior Fuses diagram.


2004 Jeep Liberty fuse box diagram - StartMyCar

5. Relays for 2002 Jeep Liberty | Mopar Factory Parts

6. Jeep Liberty Questions - I can't find which fuse is for my turn signals

  • 24 okt 2014 · Best Answer. Where is the fuse located inside of the jeep a 2002 jeep Liberty it didn't come with a owners manual ... I can locate the fuse box on ...

  • I can't find which fuse is for my turn signals - my turn signals slowly went out, started issues on Saturday and stopped working wed. I've changed out a...

7. Genuine Mopar Relay - 56042216AB - Mopar Parts Giant

  • 12 in the diagram below. 2002 Jeep Liberty Relay Diagram for 56042216AB. The ... Fuse. 6102077AA. Mopar 6102075AA Fuse. Fuse. 6102075AA. Mopar 6102078AA Fuse.

  • offers the great deal for genuine Mopar parts, 56042216AB. Relay for $48.74. All parts are backed by the Mopar's warranty.

8. Free Vehicle Repair Guides & Auto Part Diagrams -

  • Find out how to access AutoZone's Wiring Diagrams Repair Guide for Kia Sedona 2002-2006. Read More · Image for Mazda Trucks 1994-1998 Fuses Repair Guide. Mazda ...

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Jeep Liberty 2002 Fuse Box Diagram (2024)
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