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Escape from Tarkov Keycards and Keys

Are you one of those players who love to explore every corner of a map, even if it considerably increases the risk of gettinginto trouble? Do you like the thrill of exploring seemingly unreachable places? If yes, you have chosen the right game. Escape from Tarkov provides many secrets and hidden rooms for players like you to find and benefit from becauseThe Best loot is often well-hidden. Many of the Tarkov's secrets lay behind locked doors that can't be breached by conventional, forceful means. On Odealo you can Buy Escape from Tarkov Keys and discover what secrets lay behind closed doors! With our help, you will be able to explore every corner of every map and no secret will be hidden from you. Our Cheap EfT Keys are a great investment because theyopen up places that containThe Best loot and the safest extraction points. They will also help you discover dark secrets hidden underneath the streets of this ominous city, and secrets are worth a lot if you know who is interested in buying them. All assets featured on our auctions come from verified Sellers, so your safety is guaranteed. Let your curiosity takeover, Buy Tarkov Keys on our site and explore places unreachable by most other players. Be the firstone who gets his hands on The Best Loot hidden behind closed doors in darkest corners of the city of Tarkov and take your in-game experience to the next level with our help. If you are an experienced player who wants to share hisloot with the community, you can also Sell EfT Keys via our site. Thousands of players wait to make a purchase on one of your auctions, so don't waste your time.

Behind closed doors

Peoplehave abandoned Tarkov long ago and they have left a lot behind. Many other people's possessions lay in wait for their new owners, even after months of conflict, scavenging, and destruction. If one manages to extract from a raid safely, chances are that he will make a lot of money from stuff that he looted. However, the most valuable assets are often safely locked behind security doors or in safes, and special Tarkov Keys are needed to get to them. This adds a totally new level to the city exploration; if you have the right keys, you might want to raid different parts of Tarkov than usual, because of the fact that you may findvaluable loot in closed areas. On top of that, some of the EfT Keys don't give you access tolootable areas but grant you the privilege of leaving the raid via, the otherwise unavailable, extraction points - these may influence your map choice even more than standard ones as they provide you with a safe way out. As so game-changing goods should,keys and keycards are either very hard to find or very expensive. Despite prohibitive in-game prices, peopleoftenBuy Tarkov Keys because they are the best investments one can make in the game. Because of this, you should always check what keys are valuable, where to find them, and what can be unlocked with their help.

If the doors are locked, they were worth locking...

There are multiple closed areas on all currently available Escape from Tarkov maps. Each of these areas containsvaluable loot, quest objectives, interesting lore pieces,additional extraction points, or even further EfT Keys. Knowing where these areas are and what keys open them is really advantageous, so we have decided to describe some of the most interesting and popular locked locations, available for exploration, in the game:


  • Dorm Room 314, located inside the three-story dorm building. This is one of the best-known places inthe game. It hides a place of worship of a mysterious Cult. Insides of the room are very... disturbing, and the room contains some loose loot and rare spawns. The Room can be opened with the Marked Key that can be looted from Scavs or from a certain Blue Jacket (if you get this Tarkov Key, you should keep it because it is associated with a quest).
  • Warehouse office, located in the western red Paradigm warehouse. This location spawns some of the best loot available on Customs and is a part of two separate quests. Many valuables, including jewelry and a Room 204 Key can be found here. If you want to Buy EfT Keys that open the office, you should talk to the Therapist; she will barter the key for four gold chains.


  • Factory emergency exit, that can be used for extraction if you have an appropriate key. The extraction point is unlocked by The Factory Exit Key that unlocks not one, but two additional extraction points on themap. On top of that, it also opens a Bad Rep Evidence quest location, which makes it invaluable for any Factory raid. These locked areas contain some loose loot, possible firearm spawn, and, possibly, the Portable Cabin EfT Keys.


  • EMERCOM Medical Care Unit, located inside Interchange's shopping center. This room is worth looting, especially if you are in need of medicaments, as there are 3 Medbags inside. Moreover, The Marked Key, mentioned in the Customs section, spawns hereand it is a quest location.The Unit can be unlocked with the Key to EMERCOM Medical Unit that can be found inside an abandoned ambulance parked near the big gas station on Customs, which means that it is one of the easiest-to-obtain, but also contested Tarkov Keys.


  • The basem*nt of westernBarracks located in the Reserve's Military base. It, just like Room 314, is a place of Cult worship, which makes it fun to explore and quite disturbing. The basem*nt is always worth visiting if you have the key because it spawns rare loot, multiple firearms, and ammunition/currency cases. It is opened by the RB-BK Key that can be found on Scavs and inside the Shturman's Stash.


  • The Cottage, that can be found on Tarkov's shoreline. If you have the key needed to unlock the cottage's back door, you will be rewarded with PC parts, firearms, currency, and, possibly, a Marked Key and other loose loot. The Cottage Back Entrance Key can be found on top of a water barrel in the cottage's backyard, which is a very convenient location.

The Lab:

  • Security Post R23, located on the Lab's second level. This is one of the most loot-filled places in Tarkov. It may contain very valuable quest items, a lot of currency, multiple military crates, high-grade firearms, and other rare spawns. The post can be accessed if a player owns the Lab. Violet Keycard that can be found inside a black SUV parked in the lumber camp, on the Woods map. Just like other Lab Keycards, the Violet one is one of the most expensive Tarkov Keys.


  • Svetloozerk Gang Stash, hidden in a woodpile, somewhere on the Woods map. It contains the Common Found Stash which may spawn a multitude of very rare things. The Key to the gang's stash can be obtained from Shturman who is a Boss that spawns somewhere around the Lumber Mill in the Woods. Please note that Shturman's Key is very fragile and will break after just one use.


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EFT Keys | Buy & Sell Escape from Tarkov Keys - Trade on Odealo.com (2024)
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