26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (2024)

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26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (1)

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Home Depot sells a wide range of products, from electrical supplies and plumbing materials to paint, flooring, plants, and garage storage solutions. You can find the perfect product for any project you have in mind, from remodeling your bathroom to sprucing up your garden. No matter what kind of item you're looking for, Home Depot has all of your home improvement needs covered. However, there are still some things to consider before making a purchase at Home Depot.

Because it offers such a wide range of products, Home Depot pretty much banks on the fact you want to go to one place to get everything you need. Some of the products might be low quality, while others are as much as 25% more expensive when compared to stores like Walmart or Target.

Worse yet, some items are so low quality that they’ll probably end up torn up by the end of the year. That’s not what you want when you’re dropping hundreds of dollars on something as important as a bathroom vanity or flooring!

To help you make the most of your next trip to Home Depot, we've compiled a list of 26 great things to buy —and 25 that you should avoid at all costs.

Avoid: Cleaning Products

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (2)

Looking to save some money when you go to Home Depot? Avoid the cleaning aisle. While the products are fine, they’re 5% to 10% higher than if you were to swing by Walmart. For example, Scrubbing Bubbles at Home Depot is $3.69. That’s not too bad, but when you know Target and Walmart are just $2.84? That price looks steep.

What’s even better is if you skip name brandsaltogether. The dollar store typically offers fantastic cleaning options on a budget. Many cleaning chemicals aren’t expensive to make, and companies are betting on you wanting to get the brand name. Always look up the best way to clean something before wasting $5 to $6 on brand-name products.

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Avoid: Basic Hardware Items

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (3)

Do you need a new gasket or washer for your faucet? Home Depot might seem like a great place…if you know what you need. There are over 100 replacement options, and if you’re like us, you went to Home Depot, stared at the wall, and went home with the wrong one after several minutes of deliberation.

For this one, you’ll save a lot of money and time – which is often more important – by swinging by your local hardware store. These local stores are often staffed by very competent employees that are a jack of many trades. Home Depot? It seems like they’ll hire anyone at this point.

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Buy: Mirrors

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (4)

While much of Home Depot is outed, the mirrors are actually pretty on-point. There are some fantastic minimalist mirrors that can either go in a hallway or in your bathroom. The better part is that during sales like Black Friday, you can often catch these mirrors on a decent clearance.

Occasionally, the mirrors will just go on clearance to make room for new stock. At the end of the day, a mirror is a mirror, and if you find one that you like, there’s no better or worse quality to concern yourself about. The best part is that Home Depot typically has a lot of styles, including medicine cabinets.

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Avoid: Batteries

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (5)

We’re all reminded to grab batteries at the checkout lane, but don’t be tempted to grab any at Home Depot. There’s a steep convenience “tax” thrown in there. Home improvement stores regularly jack up the price for batteries as much as $1 each, while you can get them at bulk stores for $0.40 cents per battery.

Heck, even Walmart and Target often have better options than home improvement stores like Home Depot. For common, everyday items, it’s always best to shop around and check out Walmart or Target. The prices will be much more competitive and that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Avoid: Bathroom Vanities

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (6)

Do the bathroom vanities at Home Depot look good? Sure. They do look pretty good, but you know what you’re paying for? Low quality particleboard and laminate coverings. The doors may not align properly, and God forbid, you get it wet. We say that as a joke because we know bathroom vanities will get wet.

You can just check out the examples in the stores. They don’t even hold up with no moisture and no regular use! Can you imagine what it would be like in a home where people are using it regularly? Disastrous. When in doubt, go to a local millwork place. They’ll offer a custom product that will actually last your lifetime.

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Buy: “Oops” Paint

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (7)

Need to paint something for a project or even a room? You could pick a custom color, but an even better option is to check out the “Oops” paint. These are paint colors that were mixed for other customers that they weren’t so satisfied with. Typically, the shade is just a little off, or they didn’t like the color after it dried.

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some of the colors are really great, and if you aren’t too picky on the color, you might find a great gallon of paint for as much as half the price. Considering the price of paint nowadays is sky-high, any savings is good savings.

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Avoid: Kitchen Items

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (8)

We’re going to have to be brutally honest – kitchen items at Home Depot are beyond subpar. Pots and pans typically end up destroyed before the end of the year. Then there’s the fact that the prices are so much more expensive. The prices need to be that high since most people don’t purchase stuff like this there.

If your store actually carries storage containers, consider yourself lucky because most don’t. We’re not talking big plastic bins, but smaller acrylic containers for organization. Then there are the out-of-style utensil holders that are double the price of anything you’d find at Kohl’s, Macy’s, Walmart, or Target. Overall, pass on the kitchen items.

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Avoid: Grilling Accessories

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (9)

Avoid getting your grilling accessories at Home Depot. It’s tempting, we know. You’re just walking the aisle, and boom! There’s a 20-piece stainless steel tool set, which would be perfect for your summer get-together. It might seem like a decent price at $36, but in reality, that same thing can be purchased for $25 on Amazon.

Walmart and Target also offer great prices on grilling accessories in the summer. That’s the only catch is that it has to be summer to find them in store. The best rule of thumb is that if everyone needs it, don’t buy it at Home Depot. Check Walmart, Amazon, Target, or even a local shop near you.

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Buy: Tool Combo Kits

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (10)

Home Depot has fantastic deals on tool combo kits, but you have to keep an eye out for the sales. Don’t just walk up and buy a kit. All year ‘round, Home Depot will send out various deals for drills, brand-name lithium batteries, and yard equipment. It’s even the bigger brands like Ryobi and Milwaukee.

Some of the best times to grab these deals is the Spring Black Friday around April, Father’s Day, Back to School, or Black Friday. You’d be surprised the discounts they offer. At this point, no one should pay full price for a tool even if it comes with a dozen other items with it!

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Avoid: Flooring Services

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (11)

It might seem tempting to use the flooring services at Home Depot, but you’d be doing yourself a big disservice. The problem with this is that Home Depot doesn’t typically do the work themselves. They hire out a third party to install your flooring. This third-party contractor will often do a very poor job.

Whether it’s tile or hardwood, it may be best to do it yourself or go with an actual flooring company. Many customers have reported that their flooring jobs were done poorly, which resulted in damage to their homes. You don’t want to spend thousands to learn you have to spend more to get it redone.

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Avoid: Small Appliances

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (12)

At this point, there’s no reason we shouldn’t all be purchasing our small appliances at Costco and Sam’s Club. They’ve pretty much cornered the market on small appliances, whether you want a microwave or a knock-off KitchenAid. You can get a decent Microwave at Costco or Sam’s for $50 or less. That same microwave at Home Depot? Easily $60 to $80.

That goes double for things like food processors. Even if they’re on sale, they can be artificially jacked up. Nowadays, companies are putting things on “clearance” with a price that’s not even a real sale. They just mark the price as red, throw the label up, and pretend like it’s on sale. The best bet for small appliances is to shop around.

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Avoid: Countertops

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (13)

No one is denying that Home Depot is convenient. You can get everything you might need for your home improvement in one place, but…(there’s always a but). But you can actually save money by checking around what’s local to you – countertops are a great example of this.

Home Depot offers slabs for countertops and half-custom countertops. The problem is that the store will get their countertops at a wholesale slab yard! You’re paying just for Home Depot to store the product. By the way, them storing the product could also mean it might get damaged in the process. The more hands it passes, the riskier it gets (and more expensive).

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Avoid: Major Appliances

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (14)

Every now and then, you might look at the major appliances at Home Depot and think, “Hm…maybe.” Do yourself a huge favor and stop yourself. If you care about service, you’re going to want to go with a local store because most people who purchase appliances at these big box stores are incredibly unhappy.

The products are fine, but the delivery service? Yikes. Most people find that their appliances are damaged in transit. The installers try to skip out on basic services like removal of the old appliances. Finally, you might realize the appliance doesn’t offer the feature you originally purchased it for. That’s because the sales people know very little about what they’re selling.

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Buy: Garage Systems

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (15)

Setting your garage up to be your workshop? Look no further. Home Depot has some amazing options whether you want to turn it into a place for carpentry or somewhere to work on your vehicle. There are even options to store your lawn equipment if you choose to keep it in your garage. There are several lines and lots of applications.

While the heavy-duty racks and toolboxes can be a great investment (as they last for a really long time), you might also look at full lines like Gladiator, which offers everything in one. Home Depot really did a great job upping their game on organization for the garage, and we applaud them for that.

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Avoid: Kitchen Cabinets

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (16)

Are kitchen cabinets at Home Depot cheap? Absolutely. They’re incredibly cheap, but there’s a reason. The quality is incredibly awful. Most of them will end up scratched up within a year or two, meaning you’ll need to replace the fronts of your cabinets. Considering how quickly Home Depot rotates stock, that’s not good.

You might find that the product is no longer sold, and you have to replace all your cabinet faces! That doesn’t even touch that the cabinets are typically out of style. While going to a local cabinet shop is more expensive, you’ll get a product that will last a lifetime. You can also refinish cabinets that are actually made of wood and not MDF.

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Buy: Tiles

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (17)

Many of the products at Home Depot aren’t too bad quality. No, they’re not the best of the best, but they’re good enough for most people in their homes. As long as you don't toss things against your tiles, consider purchasing Home Depot tiles. The styles are pretty great, and you can get a decent discount if you track the prices for a few months.

The only thing we have to say is that you should skip the installation crew. Like the flooring, those installing your tile may not have your best interest at heart. Think of it this way: a good company will want to get its name out there. Not to mention, installing tile isn’t too difficult to begin with for any DIYer.

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Buy: Grills

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (18)

Home Depot has some fantastic grills and smokers you can grab all year ‘round – you read that right. Unlike other places that only put grills out during seasonal times, they realize the weather might be right in December to throw some chicken or hotdogs on the grill. Not only that, but the prices are very reasonable.

Naturally, there are some special days (or weeks) that they put their grills on sale. Black Friday is a huge week, but there’s also the Spring Black Friday event that goes on around April. You’ll catch both low-end and high-end outdoor cooking equipment going on sale during both of these time.

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Avoid: Home Décor

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (19)

Home Depot may not have the worst items on the market, but you’ll sure pay a pretty penny to get them. We’re going to use curtains, for example. While Home Depot can have some pretty nice styles, they can cost around $30. However, IKEA might have the same design (or similar) for as low as $10!

We could all use $20 extra in our wallets. This price difference can go for a lot of stuff at Home Depot, from vases to fake plants and even sheets! The only exception is if you manage to get some of this stuff on clearance, but even then, you may want to check around to make sure a similar item isn’t half the price elsewhere.

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Buy: Clearance Holiday Items

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (20)

Have you ever checked out Home Depot when the holiday items go on sale? You’re missing out otherwise! Some of the best discounts you’ll ever find at Home Depot are when Christmas items go out of season. Immediately after the holiday, discounts can be as low as 30%. However, if you wait, you can get even better deals.

As little as two weeks after Christmas, you can pick up lights and other Christmas décor for 70% off. Stores like Michaels will have better indoor décor, but Home Depot is the place you should go to stock up on lighting or outdoor items. The tough part is remembering what you already have at home, so you don’t double up on some stuff.

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Avoid: Doors

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (21)

There’s a reason carpenters tend to shy away from Home Depot. Not only are the products subpar, but you’ll also find issues with the measurements. You could measure your door a million times, and when you purchase the door from Home Depot, it won’t fit. Why? They typically aren’t cut properly!

Don’t even get us started on custom doors. If you have a specialty door in mind, you’ll end up with delays, return issues, and the measurements will still be off. The best bet is to go local. Find a shop near you with qualified experts that can insure their product and stand by what they deliver.

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Avoid: Windows

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (22)

Windows often run into the same issues you’ll find with doors – they aren’t high quality. The measurements can be off sometimes, too. If you aren’t installing it yourself, you’ll run into even more problems since the quality of the installation is poor at best. At worst, you’re looking at thousands in damages after it rains.

For windows, go local. Not only will these places have qualified experts that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, but they also know their products like the back of their hand. They can guide you through any concerns you might have, and you’ll end up with something perfect for you home. After all, windows aren’t something you can easily replace.

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Buy: Patio Furniture

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (23)

There’s a caveat with patio furniture: get it while the going is hot. Home Depot typically takes away its patio equipment in the winter when most people aren’t going to be outside. However, you can still find some decent deals for patio furniture online if you want to purchase something for the upcoming spring or summer.

The most aggressive sales go on during the end of the season when Home Depot is desperately trying to clear out all the bulky furniture to make room for the new holiday décor that’s already come in. Black Friday is also not a bad time to check out any patio furniture deals, but that’s exclusively online.

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Avoid: Common Plants

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (24)

Want to get a nice pothos or fern? We’re going to say that you should avoid the common stuff at Home Depot simply because the prices are obscene. You can pay as much as $6 for a small pothos when most plant hobbyists are giving away cuttings for free! Sure it takes a little longer, but you could also pay a few bucks for a full six-inch pot.

Heck, some plant groups are even willing to give you large trees like a fiddle leaf fig for free. It definitely doesn’t hurt to ask! If that doesn’t pan out, check out your local plant stores. They’ll offer common plants for dirt cheap since they’re typically easy to grow, and they have a massive stock of them. Remember when buying plants: check for pests.

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Buy: Lights

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (25)

We’re not talking about lightbulbs because, typically, bulbs are cheaper at Walmart and Target. We mean the specialty lights like specialty LED bulbs, string lights, or the kitchen lighting. All of these items are cheaper than in any other store, and there are tens of options to comb through.

Home Depot will also have those weird sizes that Walmart and Target may not have – the super big or the super small lights. Our favorite deals are the Christmas lights because they often go on deep discounts that the regular stores can’t even touch. Check out your Home Depot for lights.

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Buy: Picture Hanging Supplies

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (26)

It honestly makes sense to find good picture-hanging supplies at Home Depot. Sure, Walmart has some options, but if you want something more than screws and Command hooks, then a home improvement store is the best place to go. There are full kits that offer ways to hang canvas, picture frames, and so much more.

Many of these kits are also designed to cut down on damage done to your wall, unlike anything you’ll find at Walmart or Target. Some kids also offer metal wires and weights to ensure the pictures are straight. By the way, Command strips? Home Depot has a larger selection of them as well.

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Buy: Gardening Supplies

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (27)

Walmart isn’t an awful place to purchase gardening supplies, but your best bet is going to be Home Depot. There are sales all the time for basic things like mulch, soil, and garden beds, especially at the beginning of spring. You can get bags of soil for half the price of what they’d normally charge!

Another great thing is that they offer soil testers all year long, as well. Planting hydrangeas and want a specific color? Better test your soil! There’s also a massive selection of gloves that actually protect your hands – unlike the stuff you’ll probably find at Walmart. The gloves also come in a huge variety of sizes so you’ll 100% find gloves that fit you.

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Buy: Sinks

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (28)

All sinks are the made the same! Well, not quite. We all know what happens when you buy a cheap, knock-off brand of something on Amazon. Maybe it breaks faster, and that’s fine, but for sinks? Water isn’t something to mess around with because water damage is serious. Go with Home Depot.

Home Depot carries all the top brands like Kohler and Toto. Better yet, Home Depot carries American brands, so you can ensure that the quality is there. Just don’t get the sink and vanity combinations because that just sets you up for a bad time.

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Buy: Christmas Trees

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (29)

Fake or real – it doesn’t matter! Home Depot and other home improvement stores have a fantastic selection of Christmas trees. For real trees, the prices can be as low as $50 or as high as $80. That might seem like a lot, but pop-up Christmas tree sellers charge more than $100 for a small tree that’s… not great. For $100, that thing better beperfect.

For artificial, Home Depot has really stepped up its game. There are tons of fantastic features you won’t find at trees sold at Walmart or Target. This can include twinkling, color changing, timers, and so much more. You’ll want to grab a tree with the most branch tips, and Home Depot can offer trees with up to 6000 tips.

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Buy: Clearance Plants

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (30)

Clearance plants? Heck yeah! The thing about Home Depot and other home improvement stores is that they don’t have employees that typically know how to take care of plants. They are given locations to place them and told when to water them, but many plants end up waterlogged or dried out.

That isn’t necessarily bad for you because you can let it dry out (or water it), and the plant may bounce back better than ever. Some plants can be as low as a dollar once they “look” ugly. You may also be able to ask for some plants to be discounted because they aren’t necessarily healthy.

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Buy: Toilets

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (31)

Honestly, Home Depot toilets are pretty great. When they say they can flush a bucket of golf balls, they aren’t joking. We’re not sure when you would need to stuff that much crap down your toilet – pun intended – but knowing your toilet won’t back up all the time is pretty great. Better yet, their toilets won't chip or tarnish easily.

Our favorite thing is that many of the products offered at Home Depot are American made. You don’t have to worry about grabbing yourself a toilet and even installing it yourself if you’re feeling especially adventurous. All the equipment is right there, and it’s actually easier than you may think.

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Buy: Plumbing Supplies

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (32)

At Home Depot, you'll find a wide selection of plumbing supplies like wrenches, pipes, fittings, and more. It's the perfect place to find everything you need for your plumbing projects. If you're working on a DIY project or need to do some repairs around the house, Home Depot has a wide range of plumbing tools and materials that will meet your needs.

So, if you're in need of basic wrenches for tightening fittings or a wide range of pipes and fittings for plumbing installations, they'll have everything you need to successfully complete your plumbing projects. When you choose trusted brands and high-quality materials, you can have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing projects will be completed safely and efficiently with the products from Home Depot.

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Buy: Basic Tools

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (33)

Home Depot has a wide selection of tools for all your home improvement projects. They offer a great variety of tools, such as power drills, hammers, and screwdrivers, that are reliable and diverse. Power drills are really useful for drilling holes and driving screws, while hammers are a must-have for tasks like hanging pictures or assembling furniture.

It's always useful to have a variety of screwdrivers on hand for tightening screws of different sizes and types. Also, you'll discover a variety of necessary tools such as wrenches, pliers, and clamps to handle a diverse array of projects. Investing in quality basic tools from Home Depot will ensure that you are well-prepared to tackle any DIY project or home repair task with ease and success.

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Avoid: Electronics

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (34)

There are a number of things that we reccomendavoiding when shopping at Home Depot, including electronic devices like televisions and laptops. Although it is possible that the shop has a limited selection of electronic accessories, it is not known for carrying a particularly extensive selection of major electronic devices.

Dedicated electronics businesses or online stores are frequently better suited to offer a broader range of products, lower prices, and specialised support with technical issues and installation requirements. As a result, while considering electronics purchases, it is advised that you look into alternative merchants that specialize in electronics to guarantee you get the finest product for your needs.

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Buy: Safety Gear - PPE

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (35)

This store provides a diverse selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety gear to meet your needs for different tasks. When it comes to home renovation projects or DIY tasks, safety gear should always be a top priority. They offer a wide range of products, including work gloves, safety goggles, and hard hats, all meeting or exceeding industry standards.

In addition, they offer a range of earplugs, respirators, and other safety accessories to help keep you safe during your work. Choosing high-quality PPE from Home Depot can help ensure your safety and boost your productivity and confidence when handling different tasks. When it comes to safety gear, you can rely on Home Depot to supply the equipment necessary to ensure your safety while working.

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Buy: Electrical Supplies, Equipment & Products

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (36)

At Home Depot, you'll find a wide selection of electrical supplies, equipment, and products to fulfill your wiring and electrical requirements. Whether you're looking to update your home's electrical system or taking on a DIY project, Home Depot is here to help. Discover a wide range of products that will ensure the safe and efficient power supply for your home, including extension cords, electrical outlets, and switches.

Wire cutters, wire strippers, and electrical tape are essential tools for electrical work. They ensure accurate cuts and secure connections, making them indispensable for any project. In addition, Home Depot provides a variety of electrical wiring, conduit, and junction boxes to help you complete your projects in accordance with regulations.

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Avoid: Home Audio and Video Equipment

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (37)

When it comes to decking out your home entertainment setup, Home Depot might seem like the logical place to plug in, but before you hit play, let's tune in to the facts. Did you know that Home Depot's selection of home audio and video equipment is about as robust as a silent movie marathon?

According to the latest stats, their inventory of TVs, sound systems, and home theater gadgets is as slim as a flat-screen TV on a crash diet. So, if you're serious about achieving cinema-quality sound or picture-perfect visuals in your living room, it's time to fast-forward past Home Depot and tune into a dedicated electronics emporium. Don't settle for second-rate audiovisuals.

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Buy: Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (38)

Discover a wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures at Home Depot to elevate the atmosphere and ensure the safety of your outdoor areas. Home Depot has a wide range of lighting options available to effectively illuminate your outdoor areas. Whether you're looking for pathway lights, wall lanterns, or floodlights, they have you covered.

Installing pathway lights in your garden or walkway can enhance its charm and ensure a safe passage at night. Adding wall lanterns to your home's exterior can enhance both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Experience the benefits of floodlights, which provide strong lighting to highlight your landscaping or improve the security of your property. Home Depot has everything you need for outdoor lighting.

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Buy: Door Locks and Hardware

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (39)

At Home Depot, you'll find a wide range of door locks and hardware that can greatly improve the security and functionality of your home's entryways. Discover a diverse selection of options for your front door locks and interior door hardware that perfectly match your style and provide the security you require. Deadbolts, handle sets, and keypad locks are great options for ensuring the safety of your home.

Additionally, their door knobs and levers will not only offer security, but they also bring a stylish element to your doors. Home Depot offers a diverse selection of door accessories such as hinges, door closers, and door stops to assist you in completing your installation or repair projects. There are plenty of options to choose from, with a variety of designs and finishes to match your home's style.

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Avoid: Books and Magazines

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (40)

When it comes to unleashing your inner bookworm or magazine maven, Home Depot isn't exactly the literary hotspot you're looking for. While they might nail it with hardware and home improvement, their book selection is about as vast as a single screw in a toolbox. Let's face it, you're more likely to find instructions on fixing a leaky faucet than the latest bestseller or glossy magazine.

So unless you're keen on DIY projects for your brain, it's time to put down the wrench and head to a real bookstore or newsstand where the shelves are stacked high with captivating reads and glossy pages just waiting to whisk you away on a literary adventure. Don't let useless books stack up. Buy the books you'll love or borrow them from local libraries instead!

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Buy: Weather Stripping

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (41)

Weather stripping is a crucial part of keeping your home energy efficient and comfortable. At Home Depot, you'll find a wide range of options to meet your needs. Weather stripping is really useful for sealing up gaps and cracks around doors and windows. It does a great job of keeping drafts out and reducing energy loss.

From adhesive foam tape to rubber seals and vinyl strips, they have everything you need to find the perfect solution for your home. Find the best weather stripping materials at Home Depot to ensure your home stays comfortable and energy-efficient. Whether you're weatherproofing a door, window, or garage, they have what you need.

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Buy: Flashlights

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (42)

This place has an awesome selection of flashlights to meet all your lighting needs, whether it's for emergencies, outdoor adventures, or everyday tasks at home. There are a variety of solutions to choose from for any situation, including portable devices and powerful tactical lights. LED torches provide powerful, durable lighting that is both energy-efficient and reliable.

There are also specialty flashlights available, such as waterproof ones for outdoor use or hands-free headlamps for easy hands-on activities. Home Depot has a large range of flashlights from reputable manufacturers like as Maglite, Coast, and Husky. You can counton them to give high-quality solutions that fit all your lighting needs.

Avoid: Pet Supplies

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (43)

When it comes to pet products, specifically home pet cleaning items, Home Depot may not be the best choice. While they may have certain basic pet cleaning goods, such as carpet cleaners and odor removers, their range is often restricted when compared to specialist pet supply stores. Shop at pet care businesses for a more extensive selection of specialist pet cleaning solutions adapted to different messes and stains.

These stores frequently provide a greater range of goods particularly developed for pet-related cleaning requirements, as well as trained personnel who may provide professional advise on the most effective methods. Pet owners may guarantee they have access to the best cleaning tools to keep their furry companions' environments clean and sanitary by buying at specialized pet supply stores or online vendors who specialize in pet care items.

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Buy: Step ladders

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (44)

At Home Depot, you'll find a diverse range of step ladders that are perfect for tackling any home improvement project and reaching new heights. A sturdy step ladder is a must-have tool for homeowners construction workers, or DIY enthusiasts. So, whether you're painting walls, changing light fixtures, or accessing high shelves they can lift you up.

You'll find a wide selection of quality step ladders there in different heights and materials to meet your individual requirements and personal preferences. Home Depot's step ladders are designed with safety and convenience in mind. They come with slip-resistant steps, safety locks, and built-in trays for tools and paint cans. Count on Home Depot for top-notch step ladders that make your home improvement projects a breeze.

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Buy: Measuring Tools

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (45)

This store offers a wide range of measuring tools to help you achieve accuracy and precision in your home improvement projects. Whether it's levels, tape measures, or any other essential measuring tool, these are crucial for making sure everything fits and functions properly. There are different sizes and types of levels available for different tasks.

For smaller tasks, torpedo levels are suitable, while larger spirit levels are better for more extensive projects. You'll find tape measures in a variety of lengths, each with standout capability and durable, easy-to-read markings. On top of the essentials, Home Depot also offers a range of specialized measuring tools, including laser distance measurers that provide fast and precise measurements over longer distances.

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Avoid: Party Supplies

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (46)

When it comes to throwing a party, it's wise to avoid buying party supplies from Home Depot. While Home Depot does carry a few party essentials such as disposable dinnerware and balloons, its selection is generally more limited. Good luck trying to find candles for a cake or streamers for littleJhonny.

Shop at party supply stores for a greater selection of party decorations, themed dinnerware, party favors, and other vital materials... like Glow Sticks.You might be able to grab a few things for your barbeque when you pick up your propane or charcoal, buy don't count on finding what you need to plan a bachelorette party or otherwise.

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Buy: Caulking Supplies

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (47)

This place seriously hasa great variety of caulk and caulk appliers that make sealing gaps and cracks around your home a breeze. Caulk is a really handy sealant that does a great job of keeping air and water out, which is super important for saving energy and protecting against moisture damage.

So, if you're sealing windows, doors, or baseboards, you'll find silicone, acrylic, and polyurethane formulations that are perfect for the job. In addition, Home Depot provides a wide range of caulking appliers in different sizes and styles, allowing for effortless and even application of caulk. Their caulk appliers are designed with dripless mechanisms and ergonomic handles to provide precise application and minimize mess.

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Avoid: Office Supplies

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (48)

Home Depot may not provide the most extensive selection of office products. While they may have some basic office supplies like pens, paper, and organizational tools, their selection is sometimes restricted when compared to specialist office supply businesses, like Staples or Office Depot. Shopping at office supply stores is recommended for a greater selection of office basics and better discounts on things like stationery, printers, and desk accessories.

These merchants often provide a wider assortment of items to meet a variety of office demands, and let's be honest - you don't want to buy a pen that's going to run out of ink after 2 uses. So, find a specialist office supply store or online seller that can get you get cheaperquality products.

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Avoid: Automotive Parts and Accessories

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (49)

Rev your engines, gearheads, and grease monkeys! When it's time to pimp your ride or give your four-wheeled friend a little TLC, Home Depot might seem like a tempting little pit stop, but hold your horsepower, because when it comes to automotive parts and accessories, Home Depot is like a go-kart in a Formula 1 race.

Sure, they might have a few basic bits and bobs—windshield wipers, car cleaning kits, maybe even a fuzzy dice or two—but if you're serious about souping up your vehicle or tackling a tricky repair job, you'll want to steer clear of this hardware haven. Instead, hit the gas and head straight for an auto parts superstore where the aisles are paved with everything from spark plugs to suspension kits.

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Avoid: Exercise Equipment

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (50)

Let's talk exercise equipment. Now, I know you're all eager to get those gains and crush those fitness goals and Home Depot might be your go-to for hammers and nails, but when it comes to building your dream home gym, it's time to switch gears. Sure, they've got a few basics like yoga mats, but let's be real, we're talking about your health.

So, where do you find all the epic gear? Not at Home Depot, folks! It's time to hit up the real pros—the fitness superstores! With their massive selection, expert advice, and killer deals, you'll be crushing your workouts and reaching those fitness peaks in no time. Don't fall for gimmicky health scams. Go to the pros.

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Avoid: Health Supplements

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (51)

When it comes to your health and well-being, it's essential to tread cautiously, especially in the realm of health supplements. While it may be tempting to reach for a quick fix or a magic pill, the truth is, not all supplements are created equal. Now, while Home Depot might excel in home improvement, it's not the place to turn when seeking out supplements to support your health.

You see, my friends, the world of health supplements is a complex one, filled with nuances and considerations that require expert guidance. Home Depot's offerings in this domain are akin to a band-aid on a broken bone—insufficient and potentially harmful. For a tailored approach to your health needs, it's crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or visit reputable health stores.

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Avoid: Toys and Games

26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (52)

When it comes to inspiring your creativity and embracing your young spirit, it's critical to make mindful toy selections for yourself or others you care about. When it comes to toys and games, Home Depot is hardly the go-to store. It's an entirely different ballpark. Let me tell you, the world of toys and games is very interesting, always evolving, and full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

Home Depot's inventory includes some decent finds, but let's be honest: we're talking about joy here. The delight a toy gives is not to be underestimated. Do you really want a crate full of old toys that you and your loved ones rarely glance at or cherish? No? To actually locate high-quality toys, (and by high quality, we mean highly used post purchase)go online or find you and your loved ones a nearby toy store.

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26 Best Deals at Home Depot (+25 Things That are Total Rip-Offs) (2024)
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